Top Schools For Better Schooling

Monday, November 5, 2012
Ranking of schools is based on merit status. There is a common examining body and then the average points of every school are calculated. The average is calculated by dividing the total points for all the students who sat for the exam with the number of students who did the exam.

Individual grading of the students is conducted using a drafted grading system. Occasionally there are trophies that are awarded to the top performers. These trophies serve as a motivation for the best performers and an encouragement to poor performers to work harder and get it. This competition is however not very healthy as it depicts the purpose of education as competition rather than a way of acquiring useful life skills and knowledge to be used constructively in innovations.

The top school according to the 2012/13 statistics is Gitanjali School which was established back in 1985. It is run by Mrs. Gita Karan, the founder principal who works closely and jointly with three headmistresses and a dedicated teaching staff. The main array of communication is English. The school has a board of directors and a hard working supportive staff. The highly qualified teaching body aims at developing the student’s knowledge, capacity and developing the personality of students. According to the management, the achievements are a combination of effort and unity amongst all the stakeholders. The school is the current pacesetter in education across the country.

The Bharatiya Vidya public school was ranked second. The school was set up way back in 1979.The school has a very efficient library stocked with the latest sets of course work. Teaching is usually done with the aid of audio visual devices. The school also boasts of a good sporting department with many games such as cricket, football, and volleyball with very trained coaches. The school has laboratories for teaching mathematics and science.

The third best school is Little Flower School which was established in early 1953 and has a close affiliation to the Secondary Education Board. The school has a variety of facilities such as a multi-purpose hall, auditorium, a well stocked up library with over 20000 sources of information and a variety of extra-curricular facilities such as ball games and music. The school is undergoing an evolution in teaching practices and strategies in order to keep up with the latest social developments.

The fourth school on the list is St. Ann’s school founded back in 1965 by Sr. Ignatius Loyola with 220 students. Apart from education, this school encourages students to take part in cultural activities as well. This school strives for overall development of students and conducts local and educational trips once in a year.

The last school in the top five categories is NASR School founded in 1965 by Begum Khan. The school has a strong academic structure, community involvement programs and an exclusive faculty on a pleasant campus. The school management strives at attaining the best conducive environment for students and an enabling environment to working staff. The clear definition of their target has helped them to progress in an upward direction and the fraternity has promised that soon it will be ranked among the top two slots.

The ranking of schools is usually a measure of excellence and commitment of all the stakeholders. A quite environment and well stocked library and laboratory are a key factors to school ranking and overall success of the school.