Brainwashing Children – the Astonishing Truth You Need to Know

Monday, November 5, 2012
There are systems in place, from nation levels all the way down to the educational systems, which are controlling the minds of children and disrupting the natural, human thought process that we are all born with.

It might be easy, or comforting to think that talk of brainwashing children, or anyone for that matter, is just fiction being generated by conspiracy theorists. A careful look at the systems we subject our children to bears witness to the fact that mind control is, in fact, very real. And it takes place every, single day with our approval.

It All Starts with Education

Children go to school to learn about reading, writing and arithmetic, or so we are conditioned to believe and accept. The truth is that legitimate education does take place in our schools, but there are mind control tactics that are routinely used as a part of this education.

One of the most ominous signs of this thought conditioning process is reflected in how nations force children to pledge undying allegiance for their countries as a part of the everyday routine. Children, who are too young to even understand the implications of nationalism, are forced through rote memorization and mind control to say these pledges every day.

This routine is nothing more than state sponsored patriotism, being forced on children to make them "better" citizens. If you get some perspective and take an honest look at this process, it is clear that it is one of the most powerful tools used by the state in brainwashing children.

Behavior Modification

Children are taught in school to line up and take up orderly formations that can only be compared to military drills of uniformity. They are also taught that they must raise their hands (forming a physical/mental conditioned response) and get the teacher's approval before they answer or ask any questions. This is an extreme form of mental control that is implemented in tiny doses, day after day, as a child progresses through the educational system.

Techniques, like isolating children who do not behave according to the rules and ridiculing children in front of their peers for bad behavior are more outright signs of mind control that are remarkably similar to techniques used in prisons and in military training. There can be no doubt that a life spent subject to this kind of mind control certainly breaks the will, and conditions the thoughts of children to make them easier to control for their entire lives.

Taking a good, hard look at how the state, through the educational system, begins to implement mind control at a very young age, clearly demonstrates that brainwashing children does take place – right before our very eyes.

It is a difficult truth for many people to accept, but that is because we, too, have been subject to this kind of mind control for our entire lives. However, once you see the light and realize what is going on, you are in a place where you can take action and protect your children from becoming slaves to this kind of thought control.

Aren't you ready to stop this kind of brainwashing from happening to your children?