Choose the Best Schools For Quality Education

Monday, November 5, 2012
The major problem in India is low literacy rate. The progress of India depends upon the young getting education. When the literacy rate goes high, the country will proceed in the direction of prosperity. This is why there is a need for schools. When you have good schools, success is inevitable. Hyderabad is not as strong and urbanized as Mumbai and other bigger cities, however, it has got various schools and the residents are striving endlessly to send their little kids to school so that they could study.

However, whether it has the best or average schools is a major question. This is because the country is experiencing a brain drain. Educational institutions are springing up in every nook and corner and parents are sending their children to such institutions with the hope of getting them a good education. Nevertheless, whether they manage to receive an education that is good enough is debatable!

This is because of the teaching staff that is hired by such schools. The teachers who work in such institutions are not qualified enough to take up the responsibility of children. Therefore, there are very few schools in Hyderabad that meets the education standards and provide quality education to the students. However, if you search for them thoroughly, you will find the ones that are worthy of being labeled as good schools.

Here is the list of a few best schools in Hyderabad where you can send your children for quality education:

The Howard/Harvard public school is the first best school that you will find in Hyderabad. This school is currently affiliated with the CBSE board which is the best board in India for providing good education. This school is decades old and offers co-education to its students. This school is situated in the very heart of Hyderabad called Himayatnagar and accommodates numerous students in a comfortable environment. They have various facilities such as library, sports ground, computer and science labs, arts and craft, games and numerous others.

Oakridge International School, another best school is established in the year 2001. However, in the later years, they introduced the XII grade so that the students could continue with their education in this school till XII. After all, the Oakridge International School enrolls 2500 students every year. They provide boarding facilities for students who come from abroad.

Pragnya Montessori School is also one of the best institutions that parents can consider sending their kids. Even though it is a Montessori level school, it manages to provide quality education. The main thing is that it offers unique methods of teaching for toddlers. This is why it has received a third rank in the category of the best schools in Hyderabad. This school is ideal for sending kids aged between 30 months to 12 years. The school education is categorized into elementary and primary levels in which the former is 2.5 till 6 years while the latter continues after 6 till 12 years.

From the above list one can now decide which school to go for when you are living in Hyderabad. If you have a kid ready to be sent to school, check out these schools.